About Us

About Us

Welcome to Sundarbanvives.in, your digital gateway to the enchanting world of the Sundarbans and beyond!


Sundarbanvives.in is your online haven for delving into the captivating beauty and untamed essence of the Sundarbans and its diverse inhabitants. From the elusive Bengal tiger to the intricate mangroves and the plethora of bird species adorning the skies, our blog serves as your immersive portal to this unique ecosystem and its wonders.


Embark on a journey of exploration and appreciation as we unravel the intricacies of the flora and fauna, emphasizing the importance of conservation in preserving these delicate ecosystems. Whether you're a seasoned wildlife enthusiast, an adventurous spirit, or simply someone who revels in the beauty of nature, you'll find endless inspiration within our digital pages.


Discover insightful tour guides, meticulously crafted trip plans, thrilling narratives of jungle escapades, and the artistry of wildlife photography—all tailored to ignite your sense of wonder and curiosity. So pack your enthusiasm, embrace the call of adventure, and prepare for an unforgettable expedition with us.


Welcome to Sundarbanvives.in, where every click brings you closer to the magic of the wild and the exhilarating spirit of exploration.

About the Author of this site:

I am Milan Mandal from Contai, West Bengal. I started blogging in 2015. For any other information and help please contact us at chat2milu@gmail.com

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